Saturday, 1 October 2011


Syndian is a brand found in Coles supermarkets. Their stuff is gluten free and most of it is also vegan. If you go on their website, they clearly mark out which products are vegan, which is great.
So far, I have tried and enjoyed a few of their frozen foods, such as Adzuki bean and kumera burgers, Curried pumpkin bites and Lentil burgers, to name but a few. They are super easy to prepare - just pop into the oven or microwave. Perfect for those nights when you come home and you are too tired to cook.
 After checking out their website I discovered that they also had soups, ready meals and dips. I haven't found these in Coles yet, so I will be shooting off an email to them, asking them to stock more of the Syndian range.

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