Thursday, 20 October 2011

Citrus fruits - the bold and the beautiful

Over this winter and spring, I have been trying out some new citrus fruit varieties. I am not a huge fan of citrus - I HATE grapefruit with a passion - but when I do find a variety I like, I try and get as much of it while the season lasts.

Tangelos are one fruit I started seeing in the supermarket but never bothered to try until one day..I thought 'Why not?'. I had no idea that it was a cross between a tangerine ( a fruit that I have never tried - got to fix that!) and a GRAPEFRUIT. *gasp* I thought it was part mandarin, actually. Despite being part... *shudder* grapefruit, tangelos are actually rather tasty! The skin is rather thick and loose, so it is easy to peel. The flesh is a lot like an orange's and the flavour is mild and sweet. Still available in the shops.

Another citrus fruit I tried out was the Afourer Mandarin. There are quite a few varieties of mandarin available during winter but some are definitely better than others. This one is by far the sweetest and juiciest I have ever had. The skin is such a vivid orange and the inner peel a light pink shade - I was suspicious that the shops were dyeing the peel to make it look more attractive! With a little investigation, I found this not to be the case. It is just a feature of this variety of mandarin. I have not seen the Afourer Mandarin in the shops for a while, so I am guessing it is out of season now.

Finally, after a coworker brought them in daily to eat during our morning break, I just had to try the Rosey Red Naval Oranges for myself. They are super juicy, with pink flesh, seedless, low acid and oh so very sweet. Hands down the BEST variety of orange I have ever had! Even better than Blood Oranges. I didn't find the Rosey Reds in the supermarket, but rather in the fruit and veg shops. They are still in stock but look to be going out of season soon, so hurry to try them before it is too late.

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