Monday, 10 October 2011

Event: WEEAC 2011 - Perth

A little while ago, I posted about this upcoming event. Well, it was on last Saturday and I volunteered on the day, along with my partner.
What is WEEAC? Worldwide Events to End Animal Cruelty. The idea was to hold an event all over the world, to highlight, educate and fight against the abuse, neglect, and use of animals for monetary gain or human gratification.
Here is a short speech from the event's founder:

The day was a great success for the Perth organizers and volunteers. The weather was perfect on the Esplanade in Fremantle, there were two live music performers, stalls, a kid's activity area (that was very popular), and lots of raffles prizes. There were also speeches from the Fremantle mayor, politicians who support animal welfare issues, and representatives from animal action groups.

It was nice to see so many people there and such a wide variety of ages. People came with their kids, their dogs and even their sheep.

The factory farming and fur information stall was enclosed with warning signs outside of it. It was a good compromise for those who wanted to attend with their children but did not want them exposed to graphic video footage and photos. I was pleased to see how many people DID choose to enter the enclosed stall.

I managed to take about 100 photos on the day. It would have been more if the camera battery didn't die on me! To see a selection of these photos, check out the set on my Flickr account.

Highlight of the day for me was dobbing my partner in to get into a rabbit suit and dance to the live band. He did it and he is even still talking to me.

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