Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Got veggie stock?

Sometimes, when it comes to a recipe that says 'use vegetable stock', I am kinda lazy and just use water. My problem with 'stock' is that more often it isn't gluten free and it isn't vegan.

Well, the other day, the bf managed to find a product by Marigold Health Foods that is both.
In a health food shop, he found their Swiss Vegetable Bouillon Powder which we used in a soup, but you can also use in casseroles, stews, sauces, etc. VERY tasty. Adds an 'oomph' to the overall flavour of what you are cooking. It contains no GMO's or MSG and I love the fact that it has 'vegan' clearly visible on the container. Some products, even if they are vegan, either say 'vegetarian' or have no statement/label at all. Very frustrating!  

The directions on the container are not to be trusted, however. Halve or even use only a quarter of what they suggest in the water to powder ratio, otherwise you will end up with very salty stock! Speaking of which, this company does do a Salt Reduced variety that is also vegan and gluten free. There are other vegan products available by this company, though not all are gluten free. 

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